The ISM Band

With the ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical equipment) band, use is made of the radio spectrum for non-telecommunication intended purposes, such as for heating / drying / cooking, power transmission, welding, accelerating chemical reactions, etc. Worldwide, there are a number of bandwidths designated that can be used for such applications.

The ISM bandwidths are there for the countries where the R&TTE-directive (1999/05/EG) is applicable, between the following frequency’s;

  • 26,9-27,2 MHz
  • 40,6-40,7 MHz
  • 433,05-434,79 MHz
  • 868-870 MHz (the bandwidth is not used within the ISM but is free)

As a rule the use of devices within the ISM-band does not require permission. While the country’s own guidelines, have to be respected. The maximum allowable transmit power within the ISM band is mill watt level.

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